MILENA PARIS’ new hypnotic single “Childhood Wisdom”

Childhood Wisdom is Milena Paris’ second fascinating single. She is italian, from Bergamo, and she approached music when she was 13, at first playing guitar and then singing. She grew up listening to British pop-rock and to the 90ies r’n’b, later she decided to study Jazz Singing at the Conservatory G. Verdi in Milan, where she moved more than two years ago. She got her degree in Jazz Music with a final project called Revisiting Kurt Weill, a musical project of modern jazz realized combining sounds from electric instruments, reharmonization and literary research, all mixed with her previous influences.

As happened with the release of her first single Intuition, Milena talks about herself through biographic lyrics and personal music choices. Childhood Wisdom was born as a poem and then put into music. It’s a consideration about the concept of distinctiveness. This song is a sort of hymn, musically constructed as a mantra: it is an invitation to all of us to take care of our strangeness. Vocals are important: the central part of the track is distinguished by vocalizes, as it occurs in a ritual.

“I love poems, letters, haikus and all those literary forms able to condense a concept, a feeling, an emotion. Generally, this collection of words can assume a different meaning depending on the audience. That’s what I like the most and what I wish would happen with my songs. I hope that everybody has its personal intuition”.

Milena Paris’ single Childhood Wisdom
From 25 Feb on all digital platforms


Lyrics & Music by Milena Paris
Prod. by Dadàmo
Mix & Master by Giacomo Corpino at Whale Audio Studio
Photo Shoot by Rei Luce
Art Cover by Pascal Dadamo

Milena Paris – Intuition