“1950”, Sapphire Henson’s new song explores new hights to creating a unique emotive sound

Sapphire Henson’s last release “1950” invites a certain suspension of disbelief. In an era in which the boundaries of relationships are shifting to a digital landscape, perhaps it’s not surprising that some of the more interesting British singer-songwriters now emerging are questioning the nature of human interaction. And for Sapphire Henson, 22-year old indie-pop/soul artist who gains comfort from the idea of solitude and self-made success. 

Sapphire’s sweet and plaintive vocals gradually subsumed by the big violet skies of some excellent acid guitars, intent on guiding you deeper. Recording “1950” in solitude, in her Peterborough bedroom in UK, she’s amassed something of a cult following in a rarefied indie / pop / soul niche and she is Independently signed to her Record Label SNRecords (Static Noise Records).

There’s a whole metaphorical layering to investigate here which takes a hugely pretty tune “1950” to other levels: It has lush harmonies, mystery and seasonal fires! Once more with feeling, Sapphire Henson’s poetical vocals recount a maybe better place in the realms of realisation, a woman decides her success in a once male world. It’s a surreal “1950,” Sapphire Henson’s unique combination of ambient acoustic rhythms and raw vocals which inspire so much love. 

Sapphire Henson

Sapphire was first inspired to write the song when thinking about the roles of women and how culture and religion shapes duty within gender roles. In the song, Sapphire highlights the way time has changed, but how some attitudes  have refused too. This is highlighted by the chorus, and how it talks about having to look ‘pristine’ for the husband, bringing attention to toxic expectations taught to women throughout the beauty industry. 

Later the song talks about the woman who is being portrayed in the song, described in a first person perspective as “singing hymns of freedom whilst wearing chains”, bringing forth the fact that millions of women on a daily basis are preaching the word of freedom, whilst living a different life behind closed doors, dictated by their husband/partners. 1950 is a recollective thought, envisioned whilst Sapphire was laying in her Garden underneath a violet sky. In a World that wants to evolve and move forward in social revolution, so many issues are being ignored. Every woman should have a choice and truly feel the songs of freedom they sing.  

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