ISLA CROLL, young star born to make something extraordinary beyond all borders

Her extraordinary soul voice, both unmistakable and authentic, blends jazz and R&B classics while also embracing the Indie, Country, Pop and Rock genres. Isla Croll, just 15 years old, is an emerging English singer-songwriter from Hampshire (UK) who started singing lessons at the age of 9. She has been performing since the age of 12 and is now part of the Hampshire ensemble County Youth Jazz.

Highly emotional, full of sparkling jazz currents, gospel vibes and contemporary atmospheres, the talented singer-songwriter was selected through Instagram for The Voice Kids UK. Reaching the semifinals in the Paloma team, astounding both audiences and insiders alike, she was supported by her parents, Robert and Queen, and her brother Joshua.

Her impressive live performances during the British talent show are available on Isla Croll’s YouTube channel and include thrilling interpretations of the songs “Summertime”, “Answerphone” and “Sweet Love”. A student at Brookfield Community School, during the first lockdown she released 4 singles concerning the most precious aspects that surround her existence: friends, close people, also drawing inspiration from her favourite films and simple everyday life of a teenager.

Her debut single “All About You” in October 2020 was greeted with great enthusiasm by listeners and the likes of BBC Radio Introducing, BBC Radio Solent and ITV. Her second single “Irreplaceable” released in November 2020 is a song about self-love that carries a powerful message for everything that has already begun, and is a continuation of “All About You”.

Isla Croll is currently busy writing and producing songs, as well as continuing her studies, and released two more singles in February: “Second Best” and “Thanks to you”, a perfect blend of Pop, Country and Rock vibes. You can recognize the touch of an illustrious and refined style of Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. “Second Best”, now on YouTube in an acoustic version with Jordan Lisle, was selected as the best new single of the week by BBC Introducing. Furthermore, Isla Croll recently released another beautiful single, a brilliant next step: “End of Our Show“.

During an interview for BBC Radio Solent about her talent show experience, Isla commented: “What I do when I perform is just share my love of music with the audience. I decided to join the talent show because it would have been a good opportunity, it taught me so much and I am very happy to have decided to have this wonderful experience. The interaction of the audience is everything: performing on a stage and how to transport the audience into my musical dimension, showing emotions through songs and choreography.”

I don’t think there are many artists of her age capable of interpreting jazz fusion at this level and this is just one of Isla Croll’s many qualities. We are faced with a rarity, in which the maturity of sound and the vocal and interpretative skills of such sophisticated and original genres are in no way related to the artist’s age but to the undeniable talent of a superstar, born to make music something extremely grandiose and beyond all boundaries.

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  • 19 Marzo 2021 in 10:48

    Strabiliante!!! Tantissimi complimenti a Isla Croll e al suo team!

  • 23 Marzo 2021 in 10:50

    I am so impressed, she is incredibly talented! Congratulations Isla Croll!!!

  • 29 Marzo 2022 in 23:51

    La sua voce è incredibile, bravissima! Sono senza parole


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