GAUDI – ‘100 Years Of Theremin” (The Dub Chapter)’

Electronica/dub producer and composer Gaudi, for the past 35 years pushes the boundaries of music further and further.  Both as an artist in his own right and a producer with highly renowned acts such as: Steel Pulse, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Michael Rose, Horace Andy, Scientist, Mad Professor, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Adrian Sherwood, Dennis Bovell, Michael Franti, Prince Fatty, Zion Train, Almamegretta, The Beat, Sizzla, Dub Pistols, Hollie Cook, Dub FX, The Orb, Simple Minds, Deep Forest, Lamb, African Head Charge, Shpongle to name but a few, his new record has prodigious influences from not only his worldwide inspirations but also a radical reinvention of sound in constant mutation.  

His new album ‘100 Years Of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)’ is a tribute dedicated entirely to the Theremin, an essential part of Gaudi’s productions for the past 25 years, as well as one of the most unique and influential musical instruments in modern culture.  The album is released on vinyl LP and CD by Dubmission Records, it’s a multifaceted and brooding album which takes you to an exquisite instrumental journey. Through intensive use of tape echoes and dub analogue treatments capable of interpreting the dual role of a rhythm of relentless bubbles, ‘100 Years Of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)’ echoes the melody of a unique instrument, the Theremin.  The Theremin is the absolute protagonist of this 21st album by Gaudi -represented in a practical demonstration that confirms his ability to evolve- and each album represents a miraculous creative path via the instrument that confirms his great talent at its best.  A technological advance from a century ago, the album celebrates the centenary of its incredible invention.  

This electronic instrument consists of a metal antenna generating magnetic fields, controlled without physical contact it was developed in 1920 by Russian physicist Léon Theremin -whose image dominates the interesting album cover-. One thinks of a miracle when one looks at Gaudi vaguely grasping the air and evoking notes of an unprecedented beauty and splendour from nothing, like no other existing instrument is capable of producing.  Mostly it is a fairly niche instrument, which Gaudi has been using for over 25 years and which has been present in different musical styles since its invention, accompanying classic works, soundtracks of science fiction films and genres ranging from pop to rock.  

‘100 Years Of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)’ represents the most daring and interesting experiment of this last period and combines his passion for Theremin with increasingly unthinkable sound crossings -formed starting from the 90s- linked to reggae, and to its most bass-driven and pulsating derivation of dub. Focusing on dub, seemingly only an outsider like Gaudi could dare so much, accompanied in this work by an impressive line-up of 5 of the world’s leading dub producers: Scientist, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, Dennis Bovell and Prince Fatty, highly respected individuals who have represented the best of international dub production for over 40 years. 

They’ve all worked here under the direction of Gaudi, providing him with the instrumental tracks to be able to create and record melodies of Theremin in these 11 tracks of the album -unified and fully incisive in terms of pure environmental quality and highly appreciable in colour and enjoyment. A deep and thoughtful experience and an elastic and floating melody that merges with earthy vibrations made of bass that flow into an unlikely but undeniably successful union. Listening to this blissful experience leads you to a project devoted to the dub reggae genre.  Cinematic outlines, amplified bass, very wide spaces and all sprinkled with the magic of the Theremin we melt into a perfect more elongated musical vision. We are indeed immersed in Gaudi’s unruly genius which focuses on the precious magnetic sound of Theremin and creates a floating platform of new textures capable of combining previous and even deeper flavours from experimental electronics and dub.  

An album that renews the myth of a much desired fusion of genres -despite the individual styles of the producers involved- brings to light that soul made of utopian cinematic sensations, of a soundtrack with the narrative that enhances the distinctive voice of Theremin and of a whole generation of musicians of which Gaudi is certainly the most authoritative voice. Total immersion in this delicate and tortuous experience is the only way to fully appreciate it, since its breadth of  composition and arrangement are profoundly remarkable. It is one of the most intelligent and content-rich compositions for the Theremin and comparable to a dedicated recorded orchestral piece. The winner’s podium belongs to Gaudi’s ‘100 Years Of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)’, which certainly ranks among the albums dedicated to real fans of music.  

Produced and arranged by Gaudi, written and mixed by Scientist, Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood, Dennis Bovell, Prince Fatty and Gaudi.  

Release date: 07/08/2020, for Dubmission Records.

Album Review by Arianna Caracciolo and Martin Cawley

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  • 4 Dicembre 2020 in 11:02

    I listened to the Gaudi’s Theremin, the reggae and dubs are high class music and with the theremin on top it creates a strangely complementary combo! I really understand your review! Thanks


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