Bea Miller’s 2019 Single “Feel Something” Is Going Viral

TikTok strikes again! The app is arguably the most-important tastemaker in music, helping to break unsigned artists and reverse the fortunes of underrated bops on a weekly basis. Bea Miller is the latest pop star to benefit. Her 2019 single, “Feel Something,” has gone viral on the app — and is now making huge gains in streaming. (54.5 million on Spotify alone). The appeal is obvious. The underrated banger, which explores fear and anxiety, is painfully relatable.

“I keep on writing a sequel to stories, I know that are not there,” the 21-year-old sings over Mike Sabbath’s future-pop beats. “I don’t wanna die, but I don’t wanna live like this.” That takes us to the catchy chorus: “I just wanna feel something, I just wanna feel.” The emo-bop was originally supposed to be Bea’s third album along with singles like “It’s Not U It’s Me” and “Never Gonna Like You.” The project still hasn’t been released, but the success of “Feel Something” (below) might change that.

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Credit: Holliwood Records

Mike Wass

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