Sapphire Henson, London singer inspired by Paolo Nutini

Hailing from Peterborough (UK), 22-year old indie-pop/soul artist Sapphire Henson is quickly becoming one of the UK’s favourite underground musicians. Indie fans from across the globe have already tuned in to hear her unique combination of ambient acoustic rhythms and raw vocals. Now, with a versatile Discography of music and an ever-growing number of online streams, Sapphire is ready to bring her talent to the worlds stage. She is Independently singed to her Record Label SNRecords (Static Noise Records).

At the age of 6 , Sapphire’s love of singing and hunger for success began after winning a talent competition one Incredibly exciting summer. At the age of 15, whilst studying at St John Fisher school, Sapphire would lock herself away in whatever rehearsal room she could, practising Piano and Guitar. For hours upon hours she would sit and write whilst learning how to sculpt her emotion into something new. In 2018 she released her first single ‘year and a day’.

Growing up, Sapphire listened to a large variety of genres from pop to rock. Her main inspirations are; P!nk, Paramore, Chemical Romance, Lana Del Rey, Amy Winehouse and Paolo Nutini. She is currently very inspired by artists who infuse spiritual/atmospheric/ambient worlds to their music, such as Artist Elvor.

Thoughts on Lockdown by Sapphire Henson:

Talk, Be you, Find you !

Before the mess that is Covid, I had big plans. I wanted to start performing again, selling tickets and doing small intimate gigs.
I wanted to finally put my stamp on the world and see where my music would take me. Then all of a sudden, the world started to fight an invisible army. We all hid away and hoped and prayed that it would end as quickly as it came. But unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I began to question myself as a singer-songwriter, wondering if making music was my true path in life. Then I realised so many people are in the same position, having to put their dreams on hold. Being by yourself makes you think about things, it helps you re-discover who you are, makes you think about your dreams and aspirations…I come to realise that If you truly believe in your ambition and try hard at it, you will succeed at something, even if it wasn’t your original plan, EVEN IF it takes more time to achieve, it doesn’t matter. It’s all a Journey, and if you try, you’ll get somewhere. That’s what I tell myself now.
At the centre of all my worry, I realised that I wasn’t loosing my passion for music after all. Music is my path. It was the simple fact that I put WAY too much pressure on myself. We all need to take 5. Talk to people about what’s hurting, even if you think it’s stupid…reach out. You are important, and so are all your dreams!
So many people feel the same way!

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  • 10 Aprile 2021 in 10:37

    I really love Sapphire’s voice! Has been an amazing experience listening to it!


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